Assinatura Digital otimiza a solução de CLM do Mercado Eletrônico

One of the Procurement area’s key challenges is to ensure a good contract management by the company. If the items are poorly managed, they can affect business profitability and generate losses for the whole organization.

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible yet to get rid of contractual bureaucracies of everyday corporate life – but Mercado Eletrônico’s CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) platform can offer full management of all contracts, in a simple and centralized way, with governance, agility and (particularly) cost reduction.

In a single environment, the solution allows monitoring any agreements made with suppliers, partners, customers or employees, in order to reduce risks, control deadlines and achieve more agility in all contract-related processes.

Digital Signature: performance and sustainability

Digital Signature enables users to sign documents in a web environment, and track the signatures in real time. This novelty has been introduced to facilitate and speed up the contract signing process, with guarantee of legal validity.

Companies can also save money, as such process eliminates the need to print and physically store the signed documents, along with transport services to deliver such documents to all those involved in a contract. Additionally, they can use the saved time in activities that are more strategic to the business.


How does digital signature work?

Step 1

The user in charge attaches the document to Mercado Eletrônico’s CLM platform and defines who must sign it.

Step 2

All indicated professionals receive an e-mail notification, with a link that leads to the electronic signature section.

Step 3

Mercado Eletrônico’s system is integrated to the most recognized digital signature platforms. When the contract checking and signing step is over, the user can track the signatures until the end of the process.


Key benefits of the CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) solution

  • Assuring that contractual obligations of both suppliers and customers are met.
  • Helping to eliminate situations of possible contractual violations.
  • Improving adherence to contract goals.
  • Providing a well-documented audit trail.
  • Ensuring more favorable results to the contract.
  • Improving the quality of service focused on the customer.
  • Adding value for financial control.
  • Decreasing risk level.
  • Making clear the roles and responsibilities of contract managers, contracted parties and end users.
  • Identifying possible issues and settling them before results are impaired.
  • Providing assessment of contract performance, as well as identifying changes or variations.


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