In the last two years, to minimize the impacts of a crisis caused by covid-19, digital transformation turned from a business strategy to a matter of survival.

It hasn’t been different in the area of supplies. Businesses have adopted digitization more and more, to make procurement processes smarter and more optimized – and, therefore, stay competitive in the market.

The role of the buyer achieved also more prominence during this period – as indicated by the ranking of supplies professionals of the 30 best jobs, in the 2021 ranking of VC S/A magazine.

Such protagonism regards the earning potential that businesses can achieve when the procurement areas act in a strategic way. And technology is a key ally in this context, as it automates activities that don’t add any value to the business, and provides more time to professionals for what really brings results.

Savings, governance, agility and collaboration are some of the most expected pillars by those companies that placed their bets on procurement management solutions.

Year 2022 has already begun and, for sure, we can expect another period of challenges and great achievements. Therefore, the adoption of smart procurement solutions must go on growing, to revolutionize business processes.

3 solutions to deploy in your procurement area during 2022

There are different solutions that can help in digital transformation for procurement and assure significant results. We selected 3 of them in this post:

  • Procure-to-Pay (or P2P, as it’s widely known) promotes a full and integrated procurement management, from request to payment.
  • CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) allows managing the life cycle of contracts with suppliers, in an automated way.
  • Supplier Management controls all processes related to suppliers and third parties, in a single environment.

Now learn about the details of these solutions and start 2022 with your processes already digitized:


The P2P (Procure-to-Pay) solution automates the whole corporate procurement cycle, and frees the team from manual, decentralized, costly and poorly transparent processes.

With Mercado Eletrônico’s P2P solution, all procurement-related processes – requests, quotations, negotiations with suppliers, orders, invoices and payments – are consolidated in a single environment.

It’s a way for your procurement area to achieve the most important pillars:


  • Decrease of procurement operational costs;
  • Smarter negotiations to achieve more savings;
  • Control of the whole procurement operational flow;
  • Spend Analysis: analysis of expenses and savings potential;
  • Comparative map: compare quotations automatically and conduct better negotiations.


  • Decreased procurement lead time;
  • Automation of operational processes;
  • Access to the platform of any device connected to the Internet;
  • Business Intelligence: reports for a quick decision-making process;
  • Cloud solution: no installations and updates required.


  • Recording of the whole process on a single platform;
  • Transparent and auditable processes in the entire procurement cycle;
  • Access to purchase history.


  • Agile communication with suppliers on a single platform;
  • Integration to any ERP;
  • Sharing of supplier performance reports.

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CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management)

Having an automated contract management results in benefits that go beyond contractual obligations: it reduces risks, improves the quality of products and services offered to customers, and makes the audit and compliance process in procurement easier.

Automating the contract life cycle with a CLM solution makes buyers free from manual controls, so they can focus time and effort on negotiations with suppliers.

It offers also visibility, access to real-time data and control of contract changes, among other benefits. See some of them below:

  • Workflow parameterization, from request to approval of contracts;
  • Control of all contract stages, from start to renewal;
  • Conformity with compliance requirements and process audits;
  • All negotiations consolidated in a single environment, with agility and security;
  • Analytics: management of the whole contract base through charts;
  • Control of SLAs and due dates with notifications on the platform.

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Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier management is a challenging task for businesses. In addition to issues involving price, quality and delivery, other concerns should be included in the business strategy – such as brand image, ESG, shortages and risks of fiscal and labor co-responsibility.

To manage all such variables, organizations must rely on technology. We have 5 practices in supplier management: registration, certification, evaluation, inspection and management of all your third parties.

With Mercado Eletrônico’s Supplier Relationship Management solution, your procurement area can adopt a collaborative, transparent and effective supplier management process. See all the benefits:

  • Management and control of all suppliers and outsourced services;
  • Savings, agility and compliance in the management of suppliers and third parties;
  • Building of sustainable and reliable partnerships with suppliers;
  • Collaboration between business partnering companies;
  • Check of supplier compliance;
  • Evaluation of partners throughout the supply process;
  • Reduction of risks related to suppliers and third parties.

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Learn more about Mercado Eletrônico

Mercado Eletrônico is a Latin American leader in B2B e-commerce solutions, recognized as the only company in Latin America included in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for P2P solutions.

We have operations in Brazil, Mexico, USA and Portugal. And we have now more than 1 million suppliers and 10,000 buyers. We transact, every year, over R$ 120 billion.

In 2021, we added more than 45,000 new suppliers per month on our e-Marketplace, and registered more than 3.8 million purchase orders on the platform.

JBS, Nestlé, EDP, Saint-Gobain and Yara are some of the customers who trusted our solutions.

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