Automate your B2B procurement area and free yourself from those decentralized, low compliance level operational processes.

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Mercado Eletrônico

Digitization has come to bring intelligence and free teams from bureaucratic, manual and decentralized processes.

Mercado Eletrônico’s e-Procurement solution enables automating B2B procurement processes. Through our platform, all steps are recorded in a single secure environment – which assures more performance, governance, savings and collaboration for businesses.

Everything can be done anytime, anywhere, thus allowing both mobility and speed required by the current scenario.

Professionals can be now strategic and devote their time to what really matters in business among companies.

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From request to payment: automate your full procurement management with e-Procurement



  • Consolidate all requests to follow the whole procurement process.
  • Follow the progress of requests, integrate your processes and receive alerts to track all purchase and delivery information.



  • Automate the negotiation process to achieve more assertive decision-making, along with savings.
  • Get access to analysis reports (lead time, saving, team performance, etc.).



  • Have a managerial view of orders, to achieve the best procurement results.
  • Monitor the order life cycle in a single environment, to optimize transactions, approvals, communication with suppliers, collaboration between companies and audits.



  • Ensure more control and organization in the invoices received.
  • Automate the receipt of material and service invoices.
  • Compare the data with the orders, and avoid incompatibility in receipt and payment processes.



  • Have more control with centralized payments on a single platform.
  • Issue paid accounts and future payments.
  • Keep your suppliers informed in real time, enabling to send on-line trackable messages – and thus improve control, expense management and communication with partners.

E-Procurement helps to achieve the 4 key pillars of businesses’ procurement area








6 benefits of e-Procurement

Control the whole B2B procurement flow, from request to payment.

Eliminate unnecessary operational processes and costs.

Have an analytical view of the full process, for a more strategic decision making.

Increase the strategic value of the procurement area for the whole company.

Use an on-line platform and track your processes anytime, anywhere in the world.

Make smarter negotiations and get more savings.

Automate your B2B procurement processes to be more competitive

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