CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management):

Manage your business contracts and say goodbye to financial losses in B2B procurement.

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Do you incur financial losses due to poor control over your administrative and business contracts?

Discover Mercado Eletrônico’s CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) solution and eliminate this headache from your daily work.

The on-line platform manages the full life cycle of business contracts, and ensures more visibility, control and compliance in processes.

Additionally, it helps to decrease costs and to add more value for the businesses’ procurement area.

CLM: your contracts managed in an automatic and consolidated way


Parameterize workflows, from ordering, negotiation and signing to contract approval.


Consolidate negotiations in a single environment, bringing more agility and governance when writing contracts.


Do a strategic and analytical management of the whole contract base, through charts and performance indicators.


Have full control of SLAs and effective dates of the whole base with parameterized notifications for each single contract.

With CLM, you get a complete view of contracts, from creation to analytics.

CLM helps to achieve the 4 key pillars of businesses’ procurement area









4 benefits of Contract Lifecycle Management

Control all payment and renegotiation terms.

Get more speed in the contract signing cycle.

Decrease procurement costs.

Be more strategic and analytical when closing your business deals.

Use the CLM technology to manage your contracts, from creation to analytics

Suffer no more with decentralized contract bases, problems with compliance rules and financial losses due to uncontrolled renegotiation terms.

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