Armas Digitais x Alma Digital: construindo relacionamentos na nova era

The digital world is a reality for some time now. And despite it hasn’t been explored yet to its full potential, digitization provides us with benefits that we can no longer go without.

Have you ever imagined a world without Google in your pocket to settle all your daily doubts in the blink of an eye? Or survive for long distances without an efficient Internet communication?

This post starts with these questions – which will recall the theme of a lecture delivered by Walter Longo at ME’s B2B Summit 2019 – Digital Weapons x Digital Soul: building relationships in the new era.

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Technology is rooted into society

As mentioned above, technology is integral part of our daily lives already. It’s very embedded into society now, and if we ever experience it to its full extent, we won’t even remember how was our world before.

But the importance of using digital tools goes far beyond practical issues. In the business world, their implementation has to do mainly with strategy, productivity, time optimization and cost reduction.

Despite the immeasurable benefits reaped by business processes and communication through digitization, why not look further?


The digital revolution is a work in progress

Businesses have now several digital ‘weapons’ at their disposal, such as blogs, social networks, SEO, Google, management tools, solutions to automate their procurement areas, etc. We have these digital resources to help us face everyday challenges, both inside and outside our offices. However, these several tools will be useless, if old concepts are still part of the culture of companies and, particularly, of people.

The digital transformation will be complete only when an internal change, a behavioral and cultural transformation occurs within organizations and professionals. Understanding the moment, adapting to the new market and new way of life, and being willing to learn and enjoy these tools is what will make the revolution complete. This is what we call ‘digital soul’.

According to Walter Longo:

“Digital soul is about going far beyond incorporating digital weapons into the product or service. Digital soul is to establish the zeitgeist (spirit of time) in the design, operation, processes, management and relationship with the market”


Middle Ages x Media Age

Technological advances made people change their behavior. And they eventually originated a movement in society, taking it out of the ‘Middle Ages’ – where people had to adapt to the world – and into the ‘Media Age’, with more individualistic people, having higher power of choice.

Previously, people couldn’t even choose a movie they would like to watch; they had to simply wait for announcements from TV stations, and adapt themselves to the schedule to enjoy that movie. Now people can choose the movie they want, when they want to watch it. The difference is striking, and there isn’t even the need to mention so many examples. With such advancements, we no longer revolve around the world’s media; it’s the world that must adapt to the routine, tastes and desires of people.

Companies are personalizing their products and services, and adapting them to consumers. Organizations are taking better care of their employees and offering different benefits, according to each profile.

It isn’t the job itself that is being valued, but the qualities and skills that professionals can offer to the market. In fact, if they don’t feel welcomed in a given place, they will search for a better environment, where their potential will be truly valued.


So how do you see these changes brought about by digitization in our society?

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