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B2B business systems require constant innovation to satisfy increasingly demanding users, as well as governance and compliance rules. B2BOL (Business-to-Business Online) data released this year foresee a revenue, in December 2019, of R$ 2.39 trillion for e-commerce established among companies in Brazil. This is an increase of 17.1% over last year, which ended with R$ 2.04 trillion.

To keep up with this scenario, Mercadoe – the leading B2B e-commerce company in Latin America – announced a new feature on its marketplace: the Verified Vendor Seal. This is good news for both sides of the chain (buyers and suppliers), as it offers different benefits for both professional sectors.

“Buyers will be able to check the status of active companies in the marketplace, and safely choose new supply sources for their procurement processes”, highlighted Fabrizio Tassitano, Product Director at Mercadoe.

This will provide credibility to the thousands of sellers in the platform and more security for buyers when selecting companies. Therefore, sellers will have more chances to participate in new bidding processes and increase their sales, while buyers can access new supply sources, and thus generate more savings in their procurement processes.

Verification will be carried out monthly, through the RPA (Robotic Process Automation), and will allow distinguishing among suppliers in the marketplace according to five bases: (1) IRS, (2) Transparency Portal, (3) Caixa Econômica Federal, (4) Negative certificates of debts related to federal taxes, and (5) Supreme Labor Court.

All suppliers in our marketplace will be allowed to participate in this process. The seal will be available next to the name of each company, and the buyer will be able to see it several times – such as when selecting new suppliers for their quotations and approving companies that will apply to that quotation processes, among others. “We want our business community to achieve significant results through marketplace use – that is, suppliers selling more and buyers having more savings and new business partners”, concludes Mr. Tassitano.

Award winning marketplace

Recognized for two consecutive years (2016 and 2017) as Best Marketplace by the Inbrasc Award, Mercadoe’s community has over 1 million active sellers and enables transactions of over R$ 100 billion per year.

ME’s marketplace provides also a vendor rating. Buyers can evaluate partner services with regard to delivery time, quotation response time, and other important variables for any business relationship. All data are widely available on the platform and help in decision-making processes.

Source: Portal Channel 360º