Selling isn’t an easy task. There are several parameters that sales professionals must handle, which can impact their business deals. Controlling the fear of rejection, knowing how to prospect the right public, understanding what customers need, and being assertive during product presentation are just some of the deadlocks that haunt the daily life of salespeople. But all this can be minimized if the team is prepared in advance.

The theme called “Sales Machine: How to turbocharge your sales with a predictable and scalable process” was presented by Daniel Baunds at the ME B2B Summit, and now you can see the best insights here!


What is a Sales Machine?

The Sales Machine concept can be explained as the creation of a production process that promotes constant business growth. A well-defined planning is critical, however, because this model depends on an alignment between business goals and daily operating practices directly. Without an efficient planning, it’s almost impossible to guarantee that the planned goals will be achieved.


How should a sales team be?

Those who went to the ME B2B Summit 2020 and attended this lecture by Daniel Baunds had a veritable lesson. In a Sales Machine, the team should have people focused on prospecting, marketing qualified lead, sales qualified lead and sale. This structure will make the team focus on strategic steps that will help at the end of the sale process. However, it isn’t easy to structure the area, so the teams can act in this way; it takes patience to thrive in this path.

The first step is to define company’s goals and always put customers at the center of the business. A document must be ready to support sellers and detail each activity. Metrics to follow must be set and dashboards must be deployed, in order to measure and track team performance. Then the professionals shall be trained, with weekly alignments, to understand the key difficulties and make any required strategy adjustments, and thus improve the processes.


Aim the focus carefully

Once defined the above processes, demand grow will be natural; so be careful with your focus. In fact, you must know the type of sale, what kind of approach to use and what the customer is looking for. You won’t be able to handle all factors in a single time and with a single approach. At this point, each customer must be addressed in a personalized, non-standard way. As each company and sector has different cultures, there must be a different solution for every case. You must analyze and understand the problem, and know how to offer in a correct and strategical manner.


3 Tips to build an effective sales process

1st tip

The Golden Circle model has been developed to arrange a new method of thinking, acting and communicating, in order to impact the world. It can be tailored to the sales market, to better understand the customers and help delivering what they really need.

2nd tip

You should train and involve your employees in all processes. Thus, in addition to learning, they will be able to better review and remember their tasks. This will also make clear the importance and care that each step deserves during the process.

3rd tip

Talk to the customers and truly understand what they expect. Ask for some reference and examples, so you can help them and be more assertive in your offers. Selling what the customer really needs, in a targeted manner, is much easier than selling a generalized solution package.

After closing the first sale, it will be easier for the professional who wants to expand the solutions catalog with such company.


About Daniel Baunds

Daniel Baunds is founder of VendasB2B, the largest B2B sales promotion project in Latin America. He is also in charge of B2B Sales Experience + B2B Sales Summit, the largest business events between companies ever held in Brazil.

Daniel is also a partner of TD (, the leading digital transformation ecosystem in the Brazilian market.


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