Order Management:

Control your B2B purchase orders on a simple & free on-line platform.

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Meet Order Management, Mercado Eletrônico’s on-line platform, which manages all orders, from delivery to suppliers to receipt of goods

What about a solution that helps in the procurement area’s digital transformation, improves your relationship with suppliers and even decreases expenses by up to 30% in that area?

In a single on-line environment, Order Management can optimize transactions, approvals and communication between buyers and suppliers.

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Order Management: automate and control the whole management process of your order cycle

Receipt of products and services


  • Physical receipt of materials, to record all deliveries made.
  • No more discrepancies between order and invoice, avoiding delays in payments and rework.
  • Automation of physical and fiscal entry in the ERP, to streamline processes and avoid typing errors.

Confirmation and due diligence


  • Delivery of electronic orders to suppliers.
  • Delivery confirmation service to enable tracking deadlines.
  • Quick & easy monitoring and tracking order progress.

Regularization and order approval


  • Regularization of orders placed outside the procurement area.
  • Regularization of rent, facilities and emergency orders.



  • Procurement spend analysis based on SLAs and KPIs, to identify core business categories.

Order Management helps to achieve the 4 key pillars of the Procurement area











5 benefits of Order Management

The first step towards digital transformation of the procurement area.

Helps decreasing supply operating costs by up to 30%.

Fully free of charge.

Agile and flexible implementation.

Manages and controls orders, from delivery to suppliers to receipt of goods.

Overcome the modern challenges of your procurement area with ME’s Order Management

Implement Order Management and discover that you can deploy the digital transformation of your procurement area and management of your orders, all using a single, free solution.

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