Mercadoe, a leading B2B e-commerce company in Latin America, arose from the idea of connecting buyers and suppliers in a simple, smart and sustainable way.

Through our technology, the B2B buy & sell process – which used to be merely operational, with an extended lead time – is now an automated and fast one.

But even ME being a leader in what it does, there are still many people with doubts on how to use our platform and solutions.

In this post, we selected the 5 most googled questions on Mercadoe and answered each one of them, in order to help you and your colleagues understand how our technology leverages business between B2B buyers and sellers.

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1. What is Mercadoe?

Mercadoe (ME) is a Brazilian company that provides technological solutions for the business to business (B2B) market.

It has been established in 1994, with the purpose of automating B2B procurement / sales processes, and generating more savings, security, agility and collaboration between organizations and their business partners.

Processes that once took days (and even months) to complete can now be conducted in a quick and compliant way, using a single on-line control and management tool.

Among our solutions, we can emphasize B2B e-Marketplace, e-Procurement, Order Management, CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) and Supplier Management.

ME gathers now more than 8,000 buyers and 1 million suppliers, with transactions that exceed R$ 100 billion on its platform annually.


2. How does Mercadoe work?

Mercadoe platform works in a way to connect buyers and suppliers, thus eliminating the need for e-mails, phone calls and other hard-to-manage media.

Professionals can access a portal and are then able to control and manage B2B purchases and sales in a full on-line and simple way – anytime, anywhere.

All information is stored in a single location, ensuring compliance and more decision-making power, in order to be really strategic.

Mercadoe solutions are based on SaaS technology – that is, there is no need of any infrastructure, equipment and maintenance staff, but only a secure connection to the Internet.


3. Who is Mercadoe CEO?

Eduardo Nader is Mercadoe CEO. He is a graduate in Production Engineering and OPM (Owners & Presidents Management Program) from Harvard University.

He is also a member of YPO, for which he participated in several study programs, such as those conducted at London Business School and Stanford University.

Eduardo Nader was in charge of the procurement area of his family’s company. In 1994, with the advent of Internet, he had the good idea of using technology (a new concept at that time) to streamline processes and strengthen the relationship between B2B buyers and sellers.


4. How can I work with Mercadoe?

To work with Mercadoe, you can search for available functions on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and also on the website.

Mercadoe is a GPTW in the national and TI categories (2018 and 2019 rankings), and has been included in the list of Guia VOCÊ S/A – The 150 Best Companies to Work for in 2019. It isn’t surprising that so many people are interested in working with us.

Our key value is “People First”, and we are always looking for professionals who love technology and are committed to grow with us.?


5. How can I be a supplier to Mercadoe?

Companies have two alternatives to be Mercadoe suppliers. One of them is to be invited, by one of our key customers, to be part of our platform.

The other is to subscribe to one of our available plans: Free, Basic and Plus. The first provides access to the system’s basic functions, while the other two allow more visibility, so you can transact with large procurement companies in the market. Click here to know the conditions.

As members of our on-line community, suppliers have access to ME’s Marketplace and hundreds of daily quotations available for products and services. It’s a great chance to increase visibility, make great partnerships and close good deals every single day. And all this with Mercadoe technical support.


This post was inspired by the 5 most frequently googled questions on Mercadoe. If you have also some questions that haven’t been clarified yet in our communications and content, leave them here, in the comments area.

We will soon answer all of them. ?

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