BPO Free

(Business Process Outsourcing Free):

Outsource low value-added spot purchases and buy time to be strategic.

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Mercado Eletrônico

BPO Free (or Business Process Outsourcing Free) is a solution from Mercado Eletrônico that helps buyers to outsource those purchases of non-strategic items.

You just have to submit low value-added spot purchase orders to our team of experts, and we return an approval request to your company – which includes a comparative map with the best offers from suppliers.

With this solution, you only have to approve that request and then generate the purchase from the chosen supplier.

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6 benefits of BPO Free

You have more time to develop processes for strategic procurement.

Support from a team of experts prepared to conduct all stages of procurement, including negotiation.

Above 1 million suppliers from Mercado Eletrônico’s Marketplace at your disposal.

Elimination of manual processes and unnecessary costs.

Centralized solution, which assures compliance, savings and agility.

A secure platform, which offers traceability and easier audit procedures.

From request to negotiation: outsource all your spot procurement management


Send all requests through Mercado Eletrônico or directly from your ERP, and then track the procedure.


Our team of experts will conduct the quotation process with your own supplier base or with our Marketplace, which includes a community of more than 1 million supplier companies at your disposal.


Mercado Eletrônico will analyze the proposals, generate the comparative map with the most competitive suppliers and can even indicate the best option.


You can analyze the data, approve the order and that’s it!

What is the investment in BPO Free?

None; and we can explain why:

When transacting on Mercado Eletrônico’s Marketplace, the supplier company pays a fee, well below the average practiced in the B2C marketplace – which makes the solution fully free to buyers.

But don’t worry! This is also a common practice in the B2B segment, and suppliers see several benefits in being part of it.

Among them, the chance to manage the sales team, to have performance reports generated in real time and, above all, to have the possibility of attracting new customers and opportunities.

EDP Brasil approves its experience with the BPO Free from Mercado Eletrônico


“I was concerned about how the team and suppliers would react to this model, but we had almost full acceptance.

We have to change our mindset, because everyone is now very satisfied”.


About Mercado Eletrônico’s Marketplace:

Our Marketplace is composed by a community of more than 1 million suppliers and transacts an amount over R$120 billion annually.

It has been recognized with the Inbrasc 2020/2021 Award for “Best Marketplace” in Brazil.

Outsource your non-value added B2B procurement processes and be more competitive

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