With plenty of experience in customer relations, Mr. Tim Cardoso is the new COO (Chief Operation Office) at Mercado Eletrônico, and joins the Customer Service, Customer Success, Projects and BPO teams as global leader in these areas.

Throughout his IT career for business, Mr. Cardoso worked for several companies, such as EDS, Hewlett Packard, DXC and Sonda. He has also expertise with startups, such as Stilingue and Blip. The mix of these two universes translates into a solid Customer Experience (CX) leader.

At Mercado Eletrônico, he will have to improve processes among his key challenges, with the purpose of creating a fantastic experience for users of ME solutions, decreasing MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) and deploying management tools, along with closer proximity to our customers’ business agenda.

At ME, I see a great opportunity to help scaling a solid SAAS company and consolidating our leadership in the market. My agenda will be integrated with the Commercial area, and I intend to have frequent interactions with our customers. This proximity is the only way to connect with the needs of our buying and supplying users.

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