Mercadoe, a leader in B2B e-commerce in Latin America, announced an update of its Public Quotation functionality, which has been available on the platform since 2017. The new version allows the buyers to indicate the kind of product or service they want to purchase, and then receive a ranking of suppliers with best potential to participate in their quotation processes.

The new Public Quotation version

From the very first version, the functionality allowed suppliers to be at the customers’ disposal, to participate in quotations requested by them. However, the seller could only respond with a single proposal, after buyer acceptance of his participation in the process.

The system has been enhanced and, recently, it has been introduced again with several improvements. As of January 13, 2020, those suppliers who are subscribers to Mercadoe Basic and Plus plans can participate in price collection processes, eliminating the need for immediate authorization from the buyer, and are able to answer to public quotations on ME’s portal, in an unlimited way. Buyer approval is still needed, but it occurs in a timelier manner – thus ensuring smoothness, agility and competitiveness for everyone involved in the B2B procurement process.

“The advantage to buyers is that, after the supplier participates in the quotation process, the platform – which has an intelligent ranking mechanism – will send a list with all values to buyers, so they can choose those that will be added to their comparative map. This increases the chances of generating quality savings, in addition to introducing new supply sources. The seller has the advantage of more sales opportunities and negotiation with large-sized companies from our portfolio”, highlights Fabrizio Tassitano, Product Director at Mercadoe.

Verified Vendor Seal for more transparent business processes

Another distinguishing point of the new Public Quotation’s version is the possibility to see the Verified Vendor Seal, which benefits all sides in the B2B procurement chain. In the case of buyers, that seal offers more security when selecting new sellers, as it allows to check which companies are legally constituted and verified within ME’s Marketplace. For suppliers, the advantage is increased credibility and prominence, leveraging the chances of being chosen and closing good deals.

The new version is now available on ME’s website and is unique to Mercadoe platform – which has 1 million suppliers registered in its Marketplace and has already handled more than 27 million orders and R$ 700 billion in transactions since its establishment in 1994.

Source: Channel 360°