As the years pass by, businesses look for new ways to attract customers. At the same time, those who outsource services are also looking for ways to find the best suppliers, in order to achieve quality and reliable work. For both cases, the digital market is a good way to have fast and assertive results.


Marketplace x e-Commerce


Marketplace is an optimizing tool that is widely used in developed economies (such as the USA, for instance). In emerging and underdeveloped countries, it’s still a young and underused technology.

In our society, it’s crucial to participate in the digital environment, particularly in the case of salespeople. Nevertheless, setting up an e-commerce isn’t always beneficial, as it requires high investment and a lot of time to service and publicize the website.

An alternative is to be part of a B2B (Business to Business) marketplace, as the ME Marketplace, for instance.


5 benefits of being part of a B2B Marketplace



Joining an e-commerce that has a Verified Vendor Seal is an important decision for both sides of the chain (buyers and suppliers).

Those who buy can check the status of companies that are active in the marketplace, and choose new supply sources more safely for their processes. And those who sell gain credibility on the platform, and therefore increase the chances of closing good deals.


Process streamlining

The search for customers and suppliers isn’t an easy task. It requires extensive market survey, price comparison, and definition of selection criteria, among other processes. Additionally, the complexity of B2B sales is greater than that of B2C (Business to Consumer), due to environmental, financial and compliance aspects – which are always considered in a commercial transaction.

When businesses are negotiating with each other, many sectors and people will be ultimately involved in the qualification and approval process of partners. With marketplace, the customer has an easier time finding more suitable sources of supply, while negotiations are simpler and safer.



Marketplace works like a showcase. Therefore, being present in a platform increases the customer’s chances to find your company and get to know your products and services.

It’s important, for suppliers, keeping their registration constantly updated, to be easily found during the searches.


Control and management.

Platforms that have a public quotation functionality allow the supplying companies to receive notifications of opportunities, which are generated by buyers, and then choose to participate or not in quotation processes, thus leveraging their chances to increase sales.

Marketplace enables also managing processes and analyzing performance through quotation, order and billing charts.



By entering a digital environment, with thousands of other registered companies, you will necessarily have contact with people and organizations that you would never have the chance to know.

Strengthening relationships and understanding how your competitors’ offers and strategies work can be a great distinguishing point for your business.

If you were doubtful whether you should be part or not of a B2B marketplace, we hope that these 5 benefits have made you decide for the best way to increase your sales in 2020.

* By Fabrizio Tassitano, Product Director at Mercadoe.


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