e-Marketplaces are on the Internet to stay. This business model started to offer a wealth of opportunities for companies of all segments and sizes. The idea behind this concept is to help companies showcase their products and increase their sales, advertising along with major brands. Among the most famous ones are, Mercado Livre, OLX, etc.

The B2B e-Marketplace works in the same way; in this case, though, commercial transactions are carried out between legal entities. That is, companies see offers from other companies, and compare product specifications, and the best conditions and prices to close their deals.

Fully focused on businesses, the B2B e-Marketplace is an on-line environment that acts as a go-between between buyers and suppliers, with the purpose of promoting business deals in a smart way – always meeting the organizations’ procurement needs.


e-Marketplace: benefits for suppliers and buyers


For suppliers, being part of an e-Marketplace means better exposure of their products and services to thousands of potential buyers. This is a very positive aspect, as there is huge possibility to expand the sales volume, with low investment and little effort. In fact, instead of worrying about the creation of its own virtual store, the company can use the technology and security of an existing and approved platform on the market.

In order to increase the chance of closing deals, it’s important for the supplier to keep his registration always updated, to be easily found by the search engine. This makes all processes more assertive too, as the searches can be defined by location and area of operation, thus allowing a reduction in the costs of operational sales.

The e-Marketplaces make also the management of opportunities and quotations easier. Usually, the platforms offer a control panel, which enables finding orders, business history, and even performance analysis through quotation and invoicing charts.


For buyers, the e-Marketplace offers the benefit of accessing supplier offers from any device connected to the Internet, with detailed, real-time information on products and services.

The B2B e-Marketplace allows finding new supply options, divided into categories, and has also user-friendly transaction indicators, with relevant data about supplier companies.

As another advantage, buyers can know in advance whether the suppliers can serve a specific region or not.

Mercado Eletrônico’s Marketplace

Two times recognized as the best marketplace by the Inbrasc Award, Mercado Eletrônico’s community has more than 8 thousand users (who are buyers from large-sized companies), and 1 million active sellers, with a transaction value above R$ 100 billion per year.

ME’s e-Marketplace provides also a supplier rating feature. Buyers can evaluate the services of partners with regard to delivery time, quotation response time, and other important variables for any business relationship.

All data are publicly available on the platform and help in decision-making processes.


Strengths of Mercado Eletrônico’s B2B e-Marketplace

  • 8 thousand buyers from large-sized companies, doing business on a daily basis.
  • More than 1 million suppliers of all sizes and segments.
  • More than R$ 100 billion/year in transactions between suppliers and buyers.
  • Performance control and analysis with automatic charts.
  • Search of new business opportunities.
  • Search of new supply sources for buyers.
  • Expert technical support for buyers and suppliers.


Now that you have finished reading this post, how about doing business in a community that transacts billions of R$ per year?

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