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Mercadoe offers a Verified Vendor Seal on its marketplace

B2B business systems require constant innovation to satisfy increasingly demanding users, as well as governance and compliance rules. B2BOL (Business-to-Business Online) data released this year foresee a revenue, in December 2019, of R$ 2.39 trill...


Mercadoe updates its Public Quotation functionality to generate more B2B buying/selling opportunities

Mercadoe, a leader in B2B e-commerce in Latin America, announced an update of its Public Quotation functionality, which has been available on the platform since 2017. The new version allows the buyers to indicate the kind of product or service the...


5 benefits of being part of a B2B Marketplace

As the years pass by, businesses look for new ways to attract customers. At the same time, those who outsource services are also looking for ways to find the best suppliers, in order to achieve quality and reliable work. For both cases, the digita...

The benefits of being part of a B2B marketplace

Technological development has brought new ways of buying and selling products to the market. This is very common when comes to B2C commerce. In fact, it isn’t surprising to hear about the emergence of new e-commerce modes, and how much big r...

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