The digitization of purchasing processes is already a reality in organizations. Today, with just a few clicks, buyers can find and hire new suppliers. Therefore, positioning yourself online is no longer a choice but a requirement to ensure the survival of your business. But amidst such competition, what does it take to stand out in the digital realm?

Having a website that details product specifications, creating an online store, or being present on social media are important steps, but they are not enough to make your company known in the market and close deals. Increasingly, B2B marketplaces are part of buyers’ daily lives as they make the entire purchasing process more efficient and transparent.

How does an e-marketplace work?

Through an e-marketplace platform, such as that of Mercado Eletrônico, suppliers can participate in quotations, communicate, and negotiate directly with purchasing companies within the solution, without the need for emails, calls, or printed materials. All stages of purchasing are concentrated in one place to facilitate commercial transactions.

In addition to the ease of completing purchasing stages such as quotation, negotiation, and ordering, the e-marketplace opens up a range of opportunities for suppliers to find and negotiate with companies of various sizes and sectors.

By being part of an e-marketplace, your company will increase product exposure to thousands of potential buyers. This allows the company to expand its sales with low investment and less effort.

How to increase the chances of closing deals in the e-marketplace?

To increase the chances of being found by companies, participating in quotations, and closing deals, it is important to keep your company’s registration data and information up to date, such as location and area of operation.

Providing detailed product information and using relevant keywords related to your company can contribute to easier discovery of your business.

In addition to active searches by buyers, e-marketplace solutions provide recommendations, suggestions, and business opportunities for these organizations. This is because there is intelligence behind these recommendations, based on indicators such as companies’ purchase history, past transactions, and the quality of suppliers’ registrations.

Technology is a great ally for B2B businesses

Investing in technology is essential to win new business and increase sales. e-Procurement is the most widely used tool by buyers to request quotations, negotiate with suppliers, and close deals. Being a cloud-based solution, it facilitates access to information for all parties involved in negotiations from anywhere and at any time.

Another technology that is transforming trade between companies is artificial intelligence (AI), which assists in data analysis and optimizes buyers’ decision-making processes. Similarly, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions facilitate predictive analysis and enable demand forecasting and the creation of solutions quickly and efficiently.

Stay updated on market innovations

To stand out in a competitive market, it is important to stay updated on the latest market innovations. There are hundreds of companies that already have a prominent position in the digital environment. With this perspective, keeping track of what’s new and understanding the best way to apply it to your business can ensure greater visibility and more sales opportunities.

Discover Mercadoe’s e-Marketplace

In Mercado Eletrônico’s e-Marketplace, in addition to business opportunities, your company streamlines and automates sales processes and gains access to a comprehensive control panel.

In 2023 alone, we transacted over R$ 180 billion in B2B business, recorded 5 million orders, reached 1 million suppliers, and had 10,000 buyer users.

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