Technological development has brought new ways of buying and selling products to the market. This is very common when comes to B2C commerce. In fact, it isn’t surprising to hear about the emergence of new e-commerce modes, and how much big retailers profit from such modes.

In our days, those who don’t have a presence on the Internet can hardly be competitive and survive in the market. Due to its many advantages, one can hardly disagree about digital transformation. But what about the B2B market? Does it work too? Well, the answer is yes!

Mercadoe, B2B e-commerce leader in Latin America, offers a marketplace with a community of over 1 million buying and supplying users – which transacts about R$ 85 billion in business.

To further clarify the importance of participating in a marketplace, we selected below the key benefits of our platform.


Key benefits of being part of a B2B marketplace

Low investment

Any company that enters a marketplace doesn’t need to invest in infrastructure, because the platform is ready to use. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about website development, hosting, domain and publicity. Consequently, only a small investment is required, limited to the value of the contracted plan, or a commission on the sale or total transaction value, which can be negotiated.


In the platform, the supplier company can enter its brand, register all important information of its business, register its product catalog and make its social networks available. Being a B2B sales platform, thousands of buyers are part of it, and are interested in new supply sources. For successful transactions, it’s vital to register in a complete and correct way, in order to facilitate the search by buyers.

Control and management

Supplier companies receive notifications of opportunities generated by buyers, and can participate in quotation processes, thus creating more chances to increase sales. Additionally, the marketplace enables managing processes and analyzing performance through quotation, order and billing charts.

Sales increase

The marketplace is another channel that allows increasing sales with low investment. The company with digital presence is able to search opportunities and apply for quotations provided by buyers.

Buyers benefit also by adding new suppliers and getting savings in their procurement processes.


Strengths of Mercadoe B2B marketplace

– 8 thousand buyers of large companies, who do business on a daily basis

– More than 1 million suppliers of all sizes and segments

– More than R$ 85 billion/year of active business between suppliers and buyers

– Control and performance analysis with automatic charts

– Search for new business opportunities

– Search of new supply sources for buyers

– Expert technical support for buyers and suppliers


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