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What is Blitzscaling, the oracle of Silicon Valley?

It’s considered the Oracle of Silicon Valley. And this is attested by CEOs Eric Schmidt (Google and Alphabet), Brian Chesky (Airbnb), Reed Hastings (Netflix) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook). In addition to attracting the key trendsetting tech...


Leadership: 5 techniques to be a future leader in procurement

“Leadership is the art of commanding people”. And today it’s really an art, more than ever. Fabrizio Tassitano, Product Director at ME, talked about the current scenario, with special focus on procurement, and how Supply Chain le...

Nível máximo de satisfação

Customer Success and Customer Experience: customer age at ME

We are living in the Customer Age, and there is nothing new about it. Business success is linked to consumer satisfaction and success directly. Those businesses that don’t foresee Customer Experience and Customer Success actions will lose co...


Customer Success: what is it and how to achieve it?

Who’s in charge of your business? You or your client? If you answered “I am”, you probably don’t know the term Customer Success and you are at serious risk of putting your company in danger. We are living now in Customer Ag...

Industry Procurement 4.0: The fourth industrial revolution in the supply area

Industry Procurement 4.0 “The factory of the future will have two employees: a man and a dog. The man to feed the dog, and the dog to prevent the man from tampering with the machines”. With this message, Holger Schiele, a German teache...


Procurement 4.0: Inbrasc and Reuters disclose a survey on the use of technology in businesses

One of the most discussed subjects in 2018 was perhaps Revolution 4.0 and its application in several sectors, such as Procurement 4.0. There has been much talk about disruptive technologies and how partial or full adherence to them can affect busi...

Participe do evento referência em comércio eletrônico para compradores e fornecedores.
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Participe do evento referência em comércio eletrônico para compradores e fornecedores.
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