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ME B2B Summit coverage: The power of Exponential Thinking

The ME B2B Summit, which took place on September 19, brought up many important and innovative matters, and exponential thinking among them – which is quite on the agenda. But, after all, do you know what it means? Linear growth x Exponential growt...

A quarta revolução industrial

The fourth industrial revolution and opportunities for Brazil 4.0

With the improvement of technologies such as IoT, robotics, big data and cloud computing, along with market competition, businesses have been forced to adopt the digital transformation. Using technology to optimize those processes that were once d...

Negociação B2B

7 negotiation strategies to boost your business results

In the competitive market that businesses are facing currently, knowing how to negotiate can be the key distinguishing point between you and your competitors. In fact, negotiation is one of the most important pillars for a successful company. Peop...


5 steps of Design Sprint in the ME B2B Summit

Designer and entrepreneur Carla de Bona spoke at the ME B2B Summit to present Design Sprint, a creative methodology that is being widely used in the world’s major companies, including in their Procurement areas. What is Design Sprint? Create...

Setor de compras B2B

5 handy ideas to improve the effectiveness of your company’s procurement area

The procurement area of businesses is increasingly prominent due to its strategic functions. If before this area was seen only as an operational one, handling purchases of the most varied inputs and services, today its actions have a direct impact...

B2B: você sabe o que é business to business?

What is B2B and how to foster it in a smart way?

After hearing a lot about the digital revolution in the B2C market, with the use of omnichannels and e-commerce, it’s time for B2B trade to benefit from modern tools. But what is B2B to start with? B2B (or business-to-business) focuses on bu...

Participe do evento referência em comércio eletrônico para compradores e fornecedores.
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Participe do evento referência em comércio eletrônico para compradores e fornecedores.
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