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What you must take into account before hiring a SaaS platform

In the most recent post on this subject, we could know what it is and what are the benefits of hiring a SaaS plataform. And to continue with the subject, we will address now the main points that companies must take into account when choosing this ...


Neuroscience: How can it help your professional life?

The teacher, writer and neuroscientist Pedro Calabrez closed the ME B2B Summit event. In his presentation, he gave tips on how neuroscience can help in our professional life. And, of course, overcome daily difficulties too. We listed below 6 neuro...

Mercado Eletrônico uses chatbots to improve users’ experience

User experience is the core of any business. Increasingly focused on facilitating and streamlining customer contact with the brand, we implemented a chatbot service at ME, in partnership with Zenvia. We strive on optimizing the service and increas...


ME B2B Summit: innovation and sustainability in procurement

Sustainability is a recurring theme in the corporate world for some time now. Consumers both from the B2B and B2C markets are more demanding, not only when comes to quality, but also in social responsibility, environmental and innovation issues. E...

ME B2B Summit: the importance of learning in businesses

Did you think that after graduating you would never go back to school? Big mistake! In times when everything changes in the blink of an eye, only one thing remains unchanged: the importance of knowledge. In his speech at the ME B2B Summit, Guilher...

GRSA adota soluções do Mercado Eletrônico

ME helps GRSA to optimize supply management

GRSA and the option for Mercado Eletrônico The procurement area is a strategic part of any company’s business. Many of them are adopting technologies, for some time now, to support and streamline the routine of procurement professionals. Wit...

Participe do evento referência em comércio eletrônico para compradores e fornecedores.
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Participe do evento referência em comércio eletrônico para compradores e fornecedores.
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