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Discover how to have a strategic purchasing department

Since the beginning of the years 2000, the purchasing department has been gaining a strategic status within the organizations. If before this department only followed up on contracting suppliers and supported other departments, currently, they par...

Your business partners are a reflex of your brand

Compliance is a much debated theme within companies. Organizations are increasingly seeking transparency regarding their processes, internally or externally, and their negotiations. That’s where the management of business partnerships or more spec...


7 benefits of the automation of processes for your business

The market competitiveness is fierce. In most sectors, the companies compete for the attention and preference of the client. And to be able to reach the target, the motto is productivity the automation of the processes to produce more, in less tim...

How the purchasing sector can perform as a strategic function

Who works in medium and large companies has already had contact with the purchasing sector. This is an important department that handles the acquisition of products and services for the company. It is the department to whom the remaining sectors a...


Technology to save time and optimize negotiation

Reducing spent hours on frequent processes helps companies conquer economy, agility, governance and collaboration. But not all companies view matters in that way. Albert Einstein was right when he said “Lack of time is an excuse from those who was...


Rerverse auction: obtain the best savings in large scale purchases

In the market a basic premise in a purchasing department of any company is to carry out quotations with various suppliers before making a purchase. For the purchasing of products and services in large scale, this process is generally laborious and...

Mais de 10 temas em 8 horas de conhecimento em comércio eletrônico B2B
Mais de 10 temas em 8 horas de conhecimento em comércio eletrônico B2B