Avaliação da experiência do cliente B2B

The pandemic boosted not only sales in B2C marketplaces, but also in B2B e-commerces throughout the country.

With the transformation of the supply chain, many businesses started to purchase products and services through on-line platforms – such as ME’s e-Procurement – which automate the procurement cycle and make the corporate procurement process easier.

A survey conducted by E-consulting – a consultancy firm that measures financial forecasts for electronic retail – showed that, in 2019 alone, B2B on-line sales transacted over R$ 2 trillion in Brazil and, since the start of this pandemic, this market has grown 62%.

In this post, you will see that customer experience, applied in the business-to-consumer segment, is being widely adopted also in B2B, including at Mercado Eletrônico. Keep on reading!

B2B customer experience

The behavior of B2B consumers has changed, because now they value experience. And that includes the whole path within the company, from commercial approach to after-sales service.

Given all the changes imposed by the crisis and, consequently, the growth of on-line purchases and sales between companies, Mercado Eletrônico focused on the experience of users who use the platforms.

We from ME believe that the success of B2B business is inherent to customer success. Therefore, “fantastic service”, one of the existing values in our company, became “fantastic experience”.

More than ever, Mercado Eletrônico’s goal is to build relationships and customized journeys, thus helping professionals to work more strategically.

“Mobile platforms and devices connected anytime, anywhere, have transformed customer expectations. They now expect to carry out their activities without limits, and everything in a simple, intuitive and almost effortless way. We will work in a very integrated way, always trying to understand their needs, in order to deliver something beyond what is expected. The idea is that everyone can participate in the evolution process”, comments Klyvian Flores, Marketing Director at Mercado Eletronico.

For us, more important than offering a platform to the market is providing a full experience, in order to be reliable business partners.

The relationship is an essential part in the achievement of a fantastic experience, considering that the user expects to be heard and treated with empathy by businesses.

In 2021, Mercado Eletrônico’s largest project regards the innovation of offers and communication with users, thinking about the entire customer journey.

The fantastic experience starts with employees

Listed as one of the best companies to work for in Brazil, for 3 years in a row, Mercado Eletrônico has a very strong goal: investing in its team of employees, to promote a happy and productive environment.

“We believe that our most important value is translated into the ‘people first’ belief. After all, they are those who will assure the best experience for our customers. Therefore, we have a culture that is very much aligned to our mission, vision and values”, adds Ms. Flores.

Another change caused by this pandemic to everyone has been the effect of technology, which brought ME teams together. Even though working remotely, the employees manage to be even closer to the customers.

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