Purchasing: The one who buys better sells better

Talk about globalization has been going on for some time, and there are still resistants’ and supports (as in life). It is good to be in a broad market, a competitive one. But above all it is important to have means to do it, and in this vast and ...

App created by Mercadoe optimizes the management of employees

Mercadoe developed internally an app to carry out the management of their collaborators in an individual and personalized way. The People & Management centralizes all information of each collaborator, such as resume, positions, professional as...

Sabe por que a governança é tão importante?

How corporative governance makes the difference in companies

Far from being a tendency, processes help companies to establish themselves in increasingly competitive market. Warren Buffett, from Berkshire Hathaway, Mary Barra, from General Motors, Lowell McAdam, from Verizon, Larry Fink, from BlackRock and o...

Your business partners are a reflex of your brand

Compliance is a much debated theme within companies. Organizations are increasingly seeking transparency regarding their processes, internally or externally, and their negotiations. That’s where the management of business partnerships or more spec...

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