Every procurement professional must be aware of what is happening in Brazil and the world, regarding technological trends, political and economic situations, and market transformations.

This is because one of your main challenges in the procurement area is to face uncertain scenarios and have more chances to be assertive in your choices.

So, what to expect from 2022?

We translated a study by the Visual Capitalist website, which analyzed over 300 media articles to predict global trends.

The proposal is that – from this content – you can gain more knowledge to orient your future decisions.

See below the main predictions for this year.

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Top 20 predictions for year 2022:

1. The pandemic becomes an endemic in some countries

Despite the increase of infected people, France, Spain, Denmark and the United Kingdom believe that the advance of vaccination and the reduction of hospitalization cases are enough to “turn the key”.

2. The Big Techs keep on growing

The big techs grew during the pandemic period and should keep on leveraging their businesses in 2022, investing mainly in privacy and security issues.

3. The market for content creators is strengthening

Brands are looking more and more for content creators and digital influencers to promote their products and services. In 2021 alone, this market earned US$ 13.8 billion.

4. Highly uneven recovery

The slowdown of key economies in the world, mainly in the US and China, will have a strong impact on the economies of emerging and developing countries.

5. Digital kidnappings are increasing

Ransomware attacks, through which criminals ask for money as ransom for data, will grow in 2022. From 2020 to 2021, the number of attempted scams rose to 38% worldwide.

6. Social commerce gains strength

Emarketer, a global research and trends consultancy firm, estimates that sales made through US social media campaigns will double by 2025, to more than US$ 79 billion.

7. Inflation is decreasing slowly

Currently rising on a worldwide basis, global inflation tends to decrease throughout 2022. In January, the US reached its highest inflation in 40 years, at 7.5%.

8. Regulation is coming for cryptocurrency

According to CNN Brasil, cryptocurrency regulation has advanced in several countries. In 2021, the US debuted the first Exchange Traded Fund (ETC) linked to a cryptocurrency.

9. Rise in European and Japanese stocks

European equities started 2022 at a record high level, and there is optimism in the market for the whole year. Chinese stocks tend also to have a very positive year.

10. Metaverse excitement fades

According to Gartner, by 2026, ¼ of the world’s population with Internet access will spend at least one hour a day in the metaverse. However, people’s excitement towards it tends to weaken.

11. Climate change is returning to the spotlight

Experts from the World Economic Forum believe that issues related to climate change should be addressed as a priority by businesses and governments in 2022.

12. Growing influence of ESG factors

ESG, an acronym for ‘environmental’, ‘social’ and ‘governance’, is gaining more and more attention from investors, thus driving businesses to adopt best practices.

 Here you can learn how the supply chain can help you meet ESG criteria.

13. Higher volatility

Year 2022 will be of extreme volatility and loss for global markets, with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine as one of the main threats.

14. China is having a difficult start this year

Still under the impact of covid-19, China may face many challenges in 2022. To avoid further contamination cases, the country is still imposing restrictions and blocking cities.

15. Supply chain disruptions are decreasing slowly

The 2022 predictions for the supply chain  are less tense than in the last two years. In spite of ongoing problems and interruptions, businesses are now more prepared for the challenges.

16. Interest rates will rise

The projection of higher interest rates in the US is affecting other countries already, and will have a strong impact on Brazil. Since May 2017, the Selic rate hasn’t reached a two-digit figure. In February, it rose to 10.75%.

17. Outstanding year for electric vehicles

Even if automakers are adapting their plants to battery-powered models at a slow pace, 2022 is expected to be the year of electric vehicles.

18. Work dynamics

After the pandemic, work dynamics is reconfiguring the market, with operations working remotely, and this will be still evident in 2022.

19. Geopolitical conflicts will increase

The geopolitical conflicts between Ukraine and Russia and the US and Iran will have a strong impact on the economy of many countries, thus causing higher inflation and interest rates.

20. Global GDP growth

The UN report on economic perspectives forecasts a global GDP growth of 4%. Among the key challenges are the possible covid variations and increasing inflationary pressure.

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