Mercadoe launched a platform that is revolutionizing the corporate procurement sector.

Our ProcPro platform has the goal of optimizing the procurement process, in order to give professionals more time to work strategically on what really matters to the business.

ProcPro outsources the quotation process to Mercadoe team of experts and turns the buyer into a more analytical professional for the company. The platform has already helped many organizations; in this post, you will better understand what it is and how it works.

Are you ready? So keep on reading!

What is ProcPro?

ProcPro uses Mercadoe expertise of more than 25 years, along with its base of 1 million suppliers, to find the best prices in the market.

The platform was created to make life easier for those who must quote and buy several kinds of products and services, regardless of being for the core business or for the daily routine of companies or offices.

ProcPro enables to outsource, free of charge, the search and quotation of items, in order to free professionals from operational tasks, and provide more time for strategic decisions – which will result in higher savings for the organization.

According to Alexandre Moreno, Service Director at Mercadoe, “In the first operation month, ProcPro showcased more than R$ 8.5 million in transactions. There were more than 400 requests, and we involved around 1,000 suppliers in the process”.


ProcPro: a simple and intuitive process

It’s very easy to use the platform to gain more agility in the daily operations of corporate procurement.

Just inform what you need to quote in the website’s search field. Soon after, Mercadoe will look for suppliers in its base to collect quotations.

Finally, a comparative map is prepared, with the best proposals for your company, so you can close the deal.

To have a very assertive quotation process, you must pay close attention when filling the two mandatory forms:

  1. Items:

Describe the items you must quote. The more details you provide about the items, the easier it will be for Mercadoe experts to find the best suppliers for your quotation process.

  1. Your data:

To forward the quotation process to the right supplier, it’s important that you identify yourself. It’s a quick task and you just have to enter some basic data, such as e-mail address, name, phone number, CPF/CNPJ and zip code.

  1. Extra – Service upgrade options:

After the basic information fields are filled, the request will be ready within 4 business days. However, you can choose to hire additional services to further improve your experience.


Mercadoe can even carry out the final negotiation, not only to assure the best price but also to speed up the process to two business days only.


Benefits for buyers

  • Being able to do new business with a base of more than 1 million suppliers
  • Using procurement expertise of Mercadoe to get the best quotations
  • Saving time and optimizing procurement processes
  • Decreasing the procurement backlog
  • Knowing new reliable supply sources
  • And last – but not least – it’s a free quotation platform! ?


Try it out and ask for a quotation of your products now! Start using ProcPro and bring the Mercadoe expertise to your procurement team, to work in a strategic and assertive way.


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