Área de compras e Machine Learning: um caminho sem volta - Por Fabrizio Tassitano

Digital transformation provides a growing list of so-called Technologies 4.0. Among them are big data, analytics, business intelligence, cloud computing and machine learning. The latter involves learning by “machines” – that is, a set of techniques that come from the Artificial Intelligence field, and cut down the time needed to create accurate and reliable strategies, in addition to other benefits.

Machine Learning investments.

It isn’t surprising anymore to open any social network or streaming service, and receive suggestions that are close to the user’s taste, or even products that were previously searched. And even unlocking a cell phone using only facial recognition.

The above examples are simple mechanisms, based on machine learning; through IT companies, they allow developing full solutions for each business, mainly from pattern recognition. Following a worldwide trend, companies of all kinds are investing in this technology to reap more productivity, financial gain and assertive results.

Transactions in this market are expected to increase even more in the coming years. By 2021, the investment in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is expected to grow 46.2% annually, reaching U$S 52 billion, according to a recent survey by IDC consultancy firm.

Impacts on the purchasing sector

For the procurement sector, growth means more space to implement tools and solutions that can optimize the time spent on manual processes, and create a more strategic culture to organize transactions, manage suppliers and risks and, above all, handle data analsis. The focus is to have more correct profiles of customers, and even predict behaviors for more assertive decision-making.

But to make this whole process feasible, businesses must also hire qualified professionals or develop projects that can qualify people to handle these new technologies. Specifically, Brazil lacks qualified people for this segment, for instance. According to the TIC 2019 Sectoral Report, from the Brazilian Association of Information and Communication Technology Companies (Brasscom), there is a demand of 70,000 IT professionals per year, against an availability of 46,000 graduates in that area. It’s vital for procurement experts to be ready for innovations, which are spreading at supersonic speeds. And knowledge will make all the difference.

* Fabrizio Tassitano is Product Director at Mercadoe

Source: Panorama de Negócios