2022 will be remembered as the year in which face-to-face activities were resumed, particularly with the return of an agenda filled with important events in the procurement sector.

In addition to promoting the ME B2B Summit 2022, in a 100% face-to-face mode, Mercado Eletrônico participated in the Procurement & Sourcing Forum, the Buy Forum and the Supply Chain Marathon.

We invited experts from Terreos, Hidrovias do Brasil and Vibra Energia, so they could share how are achieving more and more prominence in business, mainly through digital transformation, new technologies and supplier management.

And focused on helping professional buyers, this year our team has produced hundreds of original contents, which reached more than 350,000 views on ME’s blog, with astonishing 2,261 views in a single day.

See below the 5 most successful posts we selected from ME’s blog in 2022:

  1. Procurement professional: a career for the future

With around 80,000 views, the most viewed post on ME’s blog is ‘Procurement professional: a career for the future‘.

In this post, we told you why the buyer’s career was among the most promising of that year.

We offered also tips on how to enter the procurement area, and what are the key skills to stand out in an increasingly competitive market among such professionals.

Additionally, we described the key activities performed by buyers, the main challenges faced in the area, the trends to grow in the job, and how to deem technology as a great partner in the daily chores of procurement.

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  1. How e-Procurement automates B2B procurement management

The second most viewed post in 2022, on ME’s blog, had more than 53,000 views and explained how the e-Procurement solution can automate the way B2B procurement is managed.

e-Procurement is a management solution for procurement, which automates operational processes, from request to payment, and set procurement professionals free to carry out strategic activities, with a focus on business results.

With this solution, the procurement area can achieve savings, agility, governance and collaboration. It provides also real-time data and information for better decision-making processes.

Considering that every R$1 saved on procurement means R$1 in profit, this tool helps to raise the procurement area to a leading position within businesses.

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  1. 10 skills every successful buyer must have

Every single day, the procurement career becomes more and more challenging, mainly because it’s a very dynamic area – which requires professionals to be quick when adapting to changes.

Therefore, to be successful as a buyer, every professional must search for diversified knowledge, which goes beyond the search for savings and negotiation with suppliers.

In this post of ME’s blog, with over 38,000 views, we selected the 10 skills that are most valued by professionals working in B2B procurement.

Among the skills most sought after by the market are knowledge of strategic sourcing, sustainability, data-based decisions and behavioral skills.

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  1. Know what is lead time in procurement and why it’s important

Knowing lead time in procurement can contribute to a better understanding of all the stages that a product goes through before reaching the customer.

The use of such methodology makes the supply chain leaner and more productive, with a reduction in storage and delivery time to the customer.

In the post called ‘Know what is lead time in procurement and why it´s important’, we explained the importance of lead time and what are the factors that most affect the stages of procurement.

Besides, we helped also to clarify how to calculate lead time and use technology as a support in processes.

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  1. Sustainability: more than a trend, it’s an innovation tool

With more than 33,000 views, the 5th most accessed post on ME’s blog addresses sustainability not only as a trend, but also as an important tool for innovation in the procurement area.

Corporate sustainability and innovation are important links for businesses, in the effort to achieve competitiveness and growth in the market.

Adopting more sustainable practices has been critical for organizations that want to survive and thrive in the future.

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