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Sales force of the past vs. Sales force of the future: what is your choice?

The world has undergone a fast development. The technologies created in the last 5 years are already outdated or are being now used to support new technologies. These constant advances require an ongoing progress from the market. It isn’t su...


Procurement sustainability: Tiffany & Co. announces a new initiative

In this blog, we have already commented that sustainability is much more than following a manual of green processes. For a company to be truly sustainable, it must go beyond recycling, conscious water consumption, planting trees and practices to d...


Order Management: a simple and centralized management process

Much is being said about digital transformation in B2B. Businesses are running out of time to adapt to this new reality, and avoid losing their shares in the market. According to recent data from Forrester Research, B2B e-commerce accounted for US...

Procurement 4.0: technologies and strategies for the procurement sector

  Digital transformation is a reality for the procurement area already. Technologies 4.0 have supported and digitized processes that once were conducted in a slow and often inefficient way. The importance of new technologies for daily busines...

Automation at the workplace and its impacts on you

Much has been said about the future and automation at the workplace. Books, films and science fiction series always try to foresee how the world will be in a few years time. Movie classics such as Blade Runner and Back to the Future are examples t...

GRSA adota soluções do Mercado Eletrônico

ME helps GRSA to optimize supply management

GRSA and the option for Mercado Eletrônico The procurement area is a strategic part of any company’s business. Many of them are adopting technologies, for some time now, to support and streamline the routine of procurement professionals. Wit...


Leadership: 5 techniques to be a future leader in procurement

“Leadership is the art of commanding people”. And today it’s really an art, more than ever. Fabrizio Tassitano, Product Director at ME, talked about the current scenario, with special focus on procurement, and how Supply Chain le...

Nível máximo de satisfação

Customer Success and Customer Experience: customer age at ME

We are living in the Customer Age, and there is nothing new about it. Business success is linked to consumer satisfaction and success directly. Those businesses that don’t foresee Customer Experience and Customer Success actions will lose co...


Customer Success: what is it and how to achieve it?

Who’s in charge of your business? You or your client? If you answered “I am”, you probably don’t know the term Customer Success and you are at serious risk of putting your company in danger. We are living now in Customer Ag...

A quarta revolução industrial

The fourth industrial revolution and opportunities for Brazil 4.0

With the improvement of technologies such as IoT, robotics, big data and cloud computing, along with market competition, businesses have been forced to adopt the digital transformation. Using technology to optimize those processes that were once d...

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