(Português do Brasil) Compras na Indústria 4.0: a quarta revolução industrial nos suprimentos


tecnologia 4.0 está mudando o setor de compras

(Português do Brasil) Diretor de serviços do ME fala sobre Tecnologia 4.0 para compras



How crowdsourcing can help your company grow

One of the most important aspects of technology’s impact on people’s lives is its capacity to bring people closer together: TI tools facilitate communication between multiple service users. Nowadays, it’s common to see many people working together...


Purchase management: learn how to be more effective at work

There was a time when purchase management was seen as expendable. Nowadays, this area represents a strategic tool that promotes, among other things, cost reduction for companies. This is possible due to managing: quotation, quality inspection, pro...

Gestão de Risco: como evitar fraudes em compras

Risk management: how to avoid frauds in purchasing

Nowadays there is a tendency in the market of elevating outsourcing processes that raise the dependency for a qualified supplier data base. Facing this reality, this theme has been approached by different factors and among the most relevant, we ca...


Purchasing: The one who buys better sells better

Talk about globalization has been going on for some time, and there are still resistants’ and supports (as in life). It is good to be in a broad market, a competitive one. But above all it is important to have means to do it, and in this vast and ...