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buyer-supplier relationship

The importance of a good buyer-supplier relationship

Most companies endured the recession period thanks to risk- and uncertainty-reducing policies – something that can be achieved with good relationships. Collaboration among companies in a supply chain is an increasingly important issue for a compet...

8 KPIs indicated by Mercado Eletrônico, to optimize the management of his area:

8 KPIs to measure the performance of B2B purchases

You will always see improvements behind a KPI. This metric can help you understand if your company is taking the right track to success – and if that is not quite the case, it can show you to where you can best direct your attention. When used to ...


7 steps that will help finding the best suppliers

Inputs account for a large part of the production costs of companies and, therefore, maintaining a healthy and long-term relationship with the best suppliers is vital to the success of a business. As an example, input expenses in the construction ...

procurement cost in B2B purchases

7 strategies to reduce procurement cost in B2B purchases

B2B purchases account for the majority of costs in a business. The most prominent companies in the current scenario know that saving on procurement helps not only to ensure an increase in profit margin, but also in competitiveness, as the company ...

7 common mistakes in a supplier evaluation process

Evaluating suppliers is a highly strategic task in any company, as it affects stock levels, final price and quality delivered to the customer. Thus, making mistakes in a supplier selection process can impair business results at several levels. To ...

Benefícios do e-sourcing

6 benefits of e-sourcing for your business

  We have already seen, in this blog, that e-sourcing is the ideal tool to handle the key issue of procurement areas: reducing the total cost of purchase. It’s an on-line platform that allows companies to complete the procurement proces...

Mais de 10 temas em 8 horas de conhecimento em comércio eletrônico B2B
Mais de 10 temas em 8 horas de conhecimento em comércio eletrônico B2B