Faced with the relentless digital transformation we are experiencing, organizations must make efforts to automate their procurement areas. Currently, this decision is no longer an option, but a key issue to stay competitive in the market. A simple alternative, which doesn’t require investments, is to automate orders with the Order Management tool from Mercado Eletrônico – a leading B2B e-commerce company in Latin America.

Order Management: Digital transformation for procurement at zero cost

With this solution, buyers can automate the whole order cycle management, from shipping to suppliers to receipt of goods. Process automation is carried out in a simple and quick way, thus assuring more security, agility, savings and collaboration among all those involved in the supply chain. The practices of this solution include “Order Regularization and Approval”, “Confirmation and Due Diligence”, “Receipt of Products and Services” and “Spend Analysis”.

Besides promoting a fast digital transformation, the deployment of the Order Management solution enables to lower operating costs by up to 30%, for instance. On the other hand, suppliers will have a financial view of their sales, with access to performance reports, along with more agile and cheaper processes; they will be also able to integrate the receipt of orders in the ERP directly.

There are common benefits for both parties: automating processes with transparency and security, strengthening business partnerships, reducing costs and improving communication among businesses.

According to recent data from Forrester Research, B2B e-commerce accounted for US$ 889 billion in 2018. And the sector is expected to reach an astonishing US$ 1.8 trillion mark in 2023. Joining digital transformation in B2B goes well beyond being ahead of competition. It’s a way to take new and better business and innovation opportunities.

Digital transformation of the procurement area can start gradually, in a scalable way, and deploying an order management tool, such as ME’s Order Management, can help in this path.

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