The product quotation process can be very lengthy, depending on how it’s carried out. Therefore, more and more companies have been looking for partners that offer automation, in addition to speedy serfvice, with the best value for money in the market.

To provide organizations with more agility, Mercadoe, as a leader in B2B e-commerce in Latin America, is introducing ProcPro, a free platform for quotation requests.

It allows requesting price collection, while Mercadoe team has the responsibility of finding proposals from suppliers, to meet every need.


ProcPro makes the work of B2B buyers easier

ProcPro was created with the purpose of professionalizing the purchase process, in a way fully free of charge. The platform was designed to make work smoother for those buyers who must make quick price collections, for less strategic purchases and with few known supply options.

With Mercadoe 25 years of experience, you can deliver this service with quality and at no cost to those who are buying.

Another distinguishing point is the use of our seller community, ME’s Marketplace, which helps to conduct, with more than one million sellers, the entire quotation process and deliver a comparative map to buyers, with all proposals.


How does ProcPro work?

The system works in a very simple way. First, the buyer chooses the products to be quoted and describes each item. To render the process even more efficient, ProcPro allows adding photos, indicating suppliers and scheduling date and place of delivery.

Once completed the product ordering stage, Mercadoe will search for suppliers on its Marketplace, and will provide survey results within three business days.

ME relies on a huge number of suppliers, and ProcPro has the purpose of finding, within such possibilities, those that can best meet the needs of customers. (Alexandre Moreno – ME’s Service Director)

With quotations in hand, ME sends an e-mail to the customer, containing a comparative map of supplier prices, which shows the best proposal already. If a faster process is required, the customer can make an emergency request.

In these cases, Mercadoe contacts the supplier directly, in order to expedite the quotation process. Moreover, the user can request a round of negotiations to ME, after the price map survey.


Access ProcPro and start using the platform right now.