We from Mercado Eletrônico, as experts in B2B e-commerce solutions in Latin America, have expanded our channel program, which has now around 60 partners throughout Brazil. Our goal is to achieve more efficient results for all involved parties, and raise the revenue from such area to 20% of the company’s revenue.

Channel area: multiply to achieve more efficient results

According to Paulo Rosanova, Channel Director at Mercado Eletrônico, even though we have a prominent position in the B2B market, physical limitations make access to some regions of the country difficult and costly for us.

“This is when the support of partners comes in – companies located in regions such as São Paulo’s inland, Rio de Janeiro and Paraná, for instance, which add value to the business with their local influence, and also benefit from recommendations made by us at Mercado Eletrônico”, said Paulo.

With this restructuring process, 30% business growth is expected through the channel program, as expert companies develop more assertive processes by means of their local operations.

The new setup has been divided into three main models: Finders – partners who support ME by recommending our platform to potential customers or, on the other hand, submitting a list of leads to the company; Resale – these partners have goals to achieve and, with ME approval, resell our services to new customers; and Implementers – companies that collaborate with Mercado Eletrônico by installing the platform on customers who have contracted it. Some partners operate in more than one model.

Partner companies

Among the new companies that joined our team of partners are:

  • Viceri, located at Jundiaí, which will be a partner in charge of indicating (finder) and deploying ME solutions – with the main goal of increasing the solution portfolio, thus bringing more options to its customer base in those areas that aren’t served yet;
  • SLMIT, an indication partner located in Sumarézinho, in São Paulo state’s inland region; they we’re looking for a national solution and found with ME a procurement platform that follows all rules of compliance and management, with easy auditing;
  • Another company that has partnered with us is CoreforV, from the city of São Paulo, which has committed to accelerate ME projects with a collaborative approach that can be quickly implemented.

Moreover, two other companies are newcomers to this group: Núcleo, from São Paulo, which advises customers by offering a more strategic look at extremely bulky and operational procurement realities; and Wave Consulting, headquartered at Londrina (Paraná state); with this partnership, they expect to open new paths for services in the strategic sourcing and data cleansing areas.


Source: Channel 360°

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