Estudando o lead time em compras

Do you know how to calculate procurement lead time?

In an article that impacted the InforChannel portal, Marcos Roig, Commercial Manager at Mercadoe, addresses the key points that must be taken into account when analyzing and calculating lead time in procurement. Knowing how to calculate lead time ...


Procurement professional: a career for the future

More profit and growth for companies: this is the mission of the procurement professional, a career that tends to grow continuously. The procurement professional is an increasingly important asset in corporate meeting rooms. With about 50 candidat...

Saber calcular o lead time traz diversas vantagens para as empresas

Key influences of lead time on procurement

Have you ever heard about lead time? The waiting time used to calculate process times was the theme chosen by Alexandre Moreno, Director of Services at Mercadoe, in an article that impacted the CIO and InforChannel portals. Measuring conversion ti...

No futuro, o procurement será baseado em cinco características que deverão ser seguidas por todas as empresas.

What can we expect for the future of procurement?

More complex and ruled by legal, ethical, regulatory and sustainability issues, procurement needs more agility, strategy and technology For years, the main concern of any procurement sector was to reduce procurement costs and ensure the delivery o...


(Português do Brasil) Compras 4.0: Inbrasc e Reuters divulgam pesquisa sobre o uso da tecnologia nas empresas

Compras 4.0 une tecnologias para empresas melhorarem performance

Procurement 4.0: big data, analytics, machine learning and all technologies that are changing the procurement area radically

Digital transformation is leading a new industrial revolution. More and more, the list of 4.0 technologies such as big data, analytics, machine learning, business intelligence and cloud computing has given rise to a whole new range of opportunitie...


Business Intelligence: artificial intelligence in corporate purchases

A major focus for the decision-making process, Business Intelligence is the resource that will shape the future of enterprise procurement Right decisions that worked in the past are no longer the only alternatives to support corporate procurement....

procurement cost in B2B purchases

7 strategies to reduce procurement cost in B2B purchases

B2B purchases account for the majority of costs in a business. The most prominent companies in the current scenario know that saving on procurement helps not only to ensure an increase in profit margin, but also in competitiveness, as the company ...

Fique por dentro das tendências de procurement

5 trends for the future of procurement

Discover how procurement professionals can change the dynamics of your supply chain, to generate innovative business opportunities For years, the main concern of any procurement sector was to reduce procurement costs and ensure the delivery of goo...

(Português do Brasil) Compras na Indústria 4.0: a quarta revolução industrial nos suprimentos