A company’s digital maturity is an important indicator of its evolution in the market.

In Brazil, according to McKinsey consultancy firm, based on a study carried out with 124 large- and mid-sized organizations in several sectors, businesses with established digital processes show superior performance and an EBITDA growth rate up to three times higher, when compared to the other companies.

The first steps in the digital maturity process require a review of business models in companies, along with new ways to conduct internal operations.

Those who fear digitization are mainly afraid of the pressure of time and high investments. But, differently from what many people may think, digital transformation can start gradually and in a scalable way.


Order Management: the first step of digital transformation in procurement

To help businesses in their digital transformation process, Mercado Eletrônico developed the Order Management tool, which is free of charge and works as a true shortcut to digitize the supply area.

The platform allows procurement teams to automate the whole order cycle management, from the shipment to suppliers to the receipt of goods.

Its practices of product or service receipt, confirmation and due diligence, order regularization and approval and spend analysis keep all data recorded in a single on-line environment – which avoids data divergence and makes communication between buyers and suppliers easier.


Benefits of digitization for buyers and suppliers

For buyers, the immediate result is to achieve more security, agility, savings and collaboration in all business transactions.

For suppliers, the solution offers a financial view of sales, with access to performance reports, more agile and cheaper processes, as well as integration of order receipt into ERP directly.

In addition to promoting a fast digital transformation – up to eight weeks – Order Management deployment enables also to decrease operating costs by nearly 30%.

“By implementing Order Management, businesses can dramatically change their procurement areas without any investment. This is the chance to start the digitization process with a market reference solution – which can offer technological innovation with concrete results, compatible with the business”.

(André Kerbauy, ME’s SaaS Consultancy Director)

A study by Mckinsey shows that most companies are aware of the potential of digital transformation, and the way in which customer expectations are changing, but they seem to face a greater challenge to understand how the theme can be mingled with their strategies.

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