Você já ouviu falar no conceito paperless?

With digitization and technological advances, many media outlets are choosing other means to spread their news and articles. Have you noticed how many newsstands have closed since tablets and smartphones appeared?

As transition from paper to on-line is now a fact, we must get used to it. Digital transformation offers a more sustainable world, and businesses that take advantage of this opportunity can save and prosper even more. They must just choose to embark on this journey.

To help you making this decision, let’s talk about what the ‘paperless’ concept is and its benefits within World 4.0. Keep on reading!


What is a paperless industry?

O que é uma indústria Paperless?

An industry that adopts this concept wants to eliminate paper use as much as possible, by stimulating access to new technologies in everyday life, by printing less and less, and by reducing overall paper use.

The adoption of electronic documents and signatures is a great way to prevent the use of paper sheets whenever possible.

The transition from a regular to a paperless company involves digital transformation mainly. Nothing is possible if the company doesn’t use technologies that enable this change. Such concept provides sustainability, savings and more profitability to businesses. However, it poses also a great challenge: moving away from common sense.

A paperless industry doesn’t simply converts documents into PDF; it has a full solution, which offers a wealth of benefits, besides eliminating the need of paper. Are you ready to keep up with the gains this concept can offer?


4 benefits of the paperless concept for your business

Os benefícios que o conceito Paperless traz para sua empresa

1. Cost reduction

Reducing paper use across the industry can be considered the key benefit, as it impacts cost reduction directly. However, such savings aren’t the only positive point; we must consider also all provisions involved in printed documents, such as storage and the inks used to record information on paper.

The use of a technological solution makes document management faster, simpler and smarter. It offers also easier access, edition and storage.

2. High performance

An optimized document management impacts the performance of areas directly, as the flow no longer depends on the completion of secondary tasks, or the action of any employee. With the digitization and the use of smart systems, information and production reports can be provided at once. Additionally, all data are stored in a database, with security policies.

The productivity of industry’s professionals and control of indicators become more transparent and concrete, as they are based on task execution rather than information search.

3. Quick access to information

Information access is extremely fast and convenient with the use of a digital solution. Therefore, we can say that this is one of the key factors in favor of the paperless concept within companies. Paper elimination and information delivery in the right format, to a virtual environment, increase the retrievability and use of data across various enterprise systems.

4. Risk reduction

This type of solution not only makes information access and process performance easier, but provides also traceability and a change history – which help to decrease risk and keep documents safe, according to company’s policies. Data were previously stored in drawers, which greatly increased the chance of being lost or forgotten. With digitization, now data are highly protected, and have access and change histories.


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