Conhecer o ciclo de vida dos contratos é essencial para uma gestão eficiente, o que impacta diretamente na saúde dos negócios. Saiba mais em nosso post.

What are the 5 stages of contract life cycle?

  Knowing the life cycle of contracts is vital for an efficient management – as it impacts business health directly, as a whole. With the fierce market competitiveness and the high contract volume, many businesses don’t pay due attentio...

Contract management offers less risks and higher profitability to businesses

One of the key challenges in Procurement is to assure a good management of company’s contracts. If established items aren’t well managed, they can affect business profitability and cause losses to the organization. Corporate procuremen...

Contract management: sustainability and performance for your company

Sustainability is what people are currently talking about in their businesses. And the theme is far from being a fashion trend in the corporate world, but rather a sense of obligation and urgency, for both businesses themselves and Planet Earth. I...

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