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Procurement sustainability: Tiffany & Co. announces a new initiative

In this blog, we have already commented that sustainability is much more than following a manual of green processes. For a company to be truly sustainable, it must go beyond recycling, conscious water consumption, planting trees and practices to d...

Procurement 4.0: technologies and strategies for the procurement sector

  Digital transformation is a reality for the procurement area already. Technologies 4.0 have supported and digitized processes that once were conducted in a slow and often inefficient way. The importance of new technologies for daily busines...


ME B2B Summit: innovation and sustainability in procurement

Sustainability is a recurring theme in the corporate world for some time now. Consumers both from the B2B and B2C markets are more demanding, not only when comes to quality, but also in social responsibility, environmental and innovation issues. E...


Leadership: 5 techniques to be a future leader in procurement

“Leadership is the art of commanding people”. And today it’s really an art, more than ever. Fabrizio Tassitano, Product Director at ME, talked about the current scenario, with special focus on procurement, and how Supply Chain le...


Procurement 4.0: Inbrasc and Reuters disclose a survey on the use of technology in businesses

One of the most discussed subjects in 2018 was perhaps Revolution 4.0 and its application in several sectors, such as Procurement 4.0. There has been much talk about disruptive technologies and how partial or full adherence to them can affect busi...

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5 handy ideas to improve the effectiveness of your company’s procurement area

The procurement area of businesses is increasingly prominent due to its strategic functions. If before this area was seen only as an operational one, handling purchases of the most varied inputs and services, today its actions have a direct impact...

RFx: one of the best strategies to achieve results in procurement

Mercado Eletrônico’s high-performance RFx solution for strategic procurement increases saving and cost avoidance A sophisticated workflow for procurement process management, an information warehouse, or a tool that standardizes the entire pr...


Procurement professional: a career for the future

More profit and growth for companies: this is the mission of the procurement professional, a career that tends to grow continuously. The procurement professional is an increasingly important asset in corporate meeting rooms. With about 50 candidat...

A inteligência artificial está ajudando as empresas a fazer negócios cada vez melhores

Artificial Intelligence: B2B innovation for procurement and supply areas

If we think that everything we enjoy most was created by human intelligence, there is nothing more natural than investing in artificial intelligence, to expand human potential and improve society. That’s exactly what cognitive technology has...

Mais de 10 temas em 8 horas de conhecimento em comércio eletrônico B2B
Mais de 10 temas em 8 horas de conhecimento em comércio eletrônico B2B