GRSA adota soluções do Mercado Eletrônico

ME helps GRSA to optimize supply management

GRSA and the option for Mercadoe The procurement area is a strategic part of any company’s business. Many of them are adopting technologies, for some time now, to support and streamline the routine of procurement professionals. With this in ...

Nível máximo de satisfação

Customer Success and Customer Experience: customer age at ME

We are living in the Customer Age, and there is nothing new about it. Business success is linked to consumer satisfaction and success directly. Those businesses that don’t foresee Customer Experience and Customer Success actions will lose co...


Customer Success: what is it and how to achieve it?

Who’s in charge of your business? You or your client? If you answered “I am”, you probably don’t know the term Customer Success and you are at serious risk of putting your company in danger. We are living now in Customer Ag...

Mais do que uma tendência, a sustentabilidade apresenta uma nova saída para empresas

Sustainability: more than a trend, it’s an innovation tool

Sustainability is now part of the new agenda of global corporations, which have been investing in strategies for people, processes and technology. Besides generating a positive impact on the environment, the idea of business leaders is also to kee...

tecnologia 4.0 está mudando o setor de compras

(Português do Brasil) Diretor de serviços do ME fala sobre Tecnologia 4.0 para compras