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Do you know ME’s B2B solutions?

Mercado Eletrônico, a leader in technological solutions and B2B services in Latin America, has the mission of helping professional buyers with tools that bring savings, agility, governance and collaboration to businesses. B2B solutions are based o...


What is e-sourcing? How to use it in your company?

The procurement area is constantly challenged to decrease the total purchase cost. But having the lowest price isn’t enough. After all, you must also care for the quality of products and services, as well as improve the efficiency of procure...

Benefícios do e-sourcing

6 benefits of e-sourcing for your business

We have already seen, in this blog, that e-sourcing is the ideal tool to handle the key issue of procurement areas: reducing the total cost of purchase. It’s an on-line platform that allows companies to complete the procurement process using...