Supplier Relationship Management:

Avoid risks and threats to your business in a single on-line environment

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As the world advances, more and more challenges and threats must be managed by organizations

Now businesses’ procurement teams can’t be concerned only with price, quality and delivery, but also with cybersecurity, sustainability, human rights and several other issues.

Although it’s impossible to eliminate all risks from your supply chain, you can minimize them.

Mercado Eletrônico’s Supplier Relationship Management solution manages your business partners in a single, simple and responsive on-line environment, so you can have control of all events.

Supplier Relationship Management: your company prepared to manage risks and business partnerships

Supplier Registration


  • Information accuracy in your supplier base (less risk of inconsistency with SPED and e-Social).
  • Consolidated and updated repository through automatic checks.
  • Channel for companies that want to be part of your supplier base



  • Check of compliance with supply prerequisites
  • Corporate analysis
  • Acceptance of supply terms
  • Tax and labor situation
  • Technical and operational capability
  • Adherence to environmental laws and internal company policies
  • Financial capability of the company
  • Risk rating
  • Creation of different certification processes, with specific information requirements.



  • Evaluation of your partners throughout the supply process.
  • Dynamic questionnaires for requesters, managers of provided services, or even for suppliers themselves.
  • Creation of the IDF (Supplier Performance Index), which includes several evaluation scopes, such as: performance, health and safety, sustainability, innovation and compliance.
  • Automatic ranking with scores for your suppliers.
  • Blocking of suppliers with poor indexes.



  • Complementary surveys to the Third Party Approval, Evaluation and Management processes.
  • Creation of specific forms for each inspection type.
  • Tracking of all inspection-related information.
  • Creation of notes according to parameterizable criteria, with the addition of results to the supplier’s Evaluation and Certification processes.

Third Party Management


  • Detection of occupational and OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety) risks.

SRM helps to achieve the 4 key pillars of supply chain













6 benefits of Supplier Relationship Management for Procurement

Analyze your partners and make sure they are adequate to your company’s compliance.

Manage and control all your suppliers and outsourced services.

Track your processes on-line, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Minimize risks and annoyances in your supply chain.

Improve your relationship with your suppliers and build sustainable partnerships.

Inspect your partners to make sure they are in compliance with your company’s values.

Minimize the risks of your supply chain by managing suppliers

Use a collaborative, transparent and effective supplier management, in order to face the countless challenges of the modern world.

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