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Mercado Eletrônico takes actions to engage employees

  The job market in the Information Technology area has been promising for some time now. In 2018, IDC estimated 250,000 available positions for IT professionals in Brazil; that area moved US$ 38 billion in 2017. Still according to that consu...

What you must take into account before hiring a SaaS platform

In the most recent post on this subject, we could know what it is and what are the benefits of hiring a SaaS plataform. And to continue with the subject, we will address now the main points that companies must take into account when choosing this ...


Procurement 4.0: Inbrasc and Reuters disclose a survey on the use of technology in businesses

One of the most discussed subjects in 2018 was perhaps Revolution 4.0 and its application in several sectors, such as Procurement 4.0. There has been much talk about disruptive technologies and how partial or full adherence to them can affect busi...

ME B2B Summit coverage: The power of Exponential Thinking

The ME B2B Summit, which took place on September 19, brought up many important and innovative matters, and exponential thinking among them – which is quite on the agenda. But, after all, do you know what it means? Linear growth x Exponential growt...

A transformação digital está mudando o rumo das organizações

What is Digital Transformation and how will it affect your business?

Faced with a scenario that is increasingly dependent on technology, businesses shall be prepared for the ongoing digital transformation. Transforming is always a subject of discussion in companies of all sizes. The difference is that, today, chang...

Mais do que uma tendência, a sustentabilidade apresenta uma nova saída para empresas

Sustainability: more than a trend, it’s an innovation tool

Sustainability is now part of the new agenda of global corporations, which have been investing in strategies for people, processes and technology. Besides generating a positive impact on the environment, the idea of business leaders is also to kee...

RFx: one of the best strategies to achieve results in procurement

Mercado Eletrônico’s high-performance RFx solution for strategic procurement increases saving and cost avoidance A sophisticated workflow for procurement process management, an information warehouse, or a tool that standardizes the entire pr...


Omnichannel is a trend in the B2B market

Flexibility to support different customer classes, across multiple channels, has become a condition to do good business. But coping with today’s B2B demands isn’t an easy task; that’s why companies are investing in a long-used re...

No futuro, o procurement será baseado em cinco características que deverão ser seguidas por todas as empresas.

What can we expect for the future of procurement?

More complex and ruled by legal, ethical, regulatory and sustainability issues, procurement needs more agility, strategy and technology For years, the main concern of any procurement sector was to reduce procurement costs and ensure the delivery o...

O marketplace B2B veio para revolucionar o comércio entre empresas

What is a B2B marketplace and what are the benefits of being part of it?

Just as in e-commerce, where you choose a sneaker on-line and the store delivers it to you, in a B2B marketplace companies view offers from other companies, compare the quality of products, consider the best conditions and choose the best price. F...

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