tecnologia 4.0 está mudando o setor de compras

(Português do Brasil) Diretor de serviços do ME fala sobre Tecnologia 4.0 para compras


Aplicativo criado pelo ME para a gestão de colaboradores das empresas

People & Management app appears in magazine for human resource professionals

The magazine Melhor – Gestão de Pessoas, an official publication from the Associação Brasileira de Recursos Humanos (ABRH-Brazil), published an article about People & Management, an app for the management of employees developed by Mercadoe. Th...

Purchasing processes: it is necessary to automatize avoiding failure

Managers need to keep in mind the importance of maintaining most of the operational load automatic during the purchasing processes I have heard innumerous times that there isn’t space for technology within the purchasing processes of the companies...


Rerverse auction: obtain the best savings in large scale purchases

In the market a basic premise in a purchasing department of any company is to carry out quotations with various suppliers before making a purchase. For the purchasing of products and services in large scale, this process is generally laborious and...