When it’s important being present where the consumers are, all can be very challenging. In addition to knowing market trends, for successful sales you must be aware of the behavior of those who buy, and stay aligned with the company’s strategic plan.

Planning is still a crucial matter in the B2B scenario; it requires some adaptations, however, so the business goals can be actually achieved. To face such reality, Paulo Rosanova, ME’s Channel Director, selected three tips that can help the sales team to improve the organization’s results. See these tips below:

3 tips for channels, so they can sell even more

  • Understand your customers’ business:It’s very important for the partner to study the business to which he intends to sell. It seems a very simple tip, but this first survey makes it easy to settle any issues that may arise in the initial conversation. As the customer usually selects the best ideas at this stage, showing interest in the sale creates empathy and helps to gain credibility. In this way, the partner can distinguish himself from other players.
  • Know the manufacturer’s technologies:When you have expertise and knowledge about the manufacturer’s business and technology, you can offer more assertive solutions to add value to your customer. You can also try to adopt an agile technology, in order to implement solutions by phases, and the customer can then have short-term results. With a faster accession, the partner also gains according to delivery.
  • Help the customer throughout the supply chain:It’s wrong to think that Procurement is about ordering only. The supply area must be strategic and in charge of the entire supply chain. Consequently, corporate technologies must enable managing the whole procurement process, including supplier management (registration, evaluation, and third party and contract management, both in the transactional and legal aspects).