How can technology help your business to improve corporate governance?

To increase confidence in the market and business integrity: this is how corporate governance operates, making companies consistently comply with internal and external requirements, laws, standards and regulations. Meeting these obligations isn’t easy for businesses however.

With this is mind, Marcelo Pereira, Supplier Management Director at Mercadoe, published an article explaining that investment in technology and automation is the best solution to organize these processes, which reflect on the internal environment of corporations and society as a whole.

For Mr. Pereira, the new labor relations will require unprecedented actions for many companies. And that’s why understanding the impact of governance on the private sector must be taken into account, according to a survey mentioned by Mr. Pereira, which stresses the importance of acting to prevent risks associated to the lack of these concepts.

He talks also about how technology can help the procurement area in price quotations, order management, reverse and direct auctions, supplier approval and evaluation, catalog management, and all tasks of that area – ensuring agility, collaboration, savings and compliance, as one of the tools of corporate governance.

Learn how to have more efficiency, productivity, information security and operational cost savings in Mr. Pereira’s article “Investing in technology to improve corporate governance”, published in the E-Commerce News and Inforchannel portals.