Find the balance between different areas of your company

“Healthy mind in a healthy body”: the Latin phrase “mens sana in corpore sano”, from the works of Roman satirist Juvenal (55-127 AD), expresses the balance between body and mind. When used in the corporate universe, that phrase can act as an analogy for corporate procurement, and the need of keeping balance between the different areas of a business.

This is what says Alexandre Moreno, Director of Services at Mercadoe, in an article for the portal. In it, Mr. Moreno addresses topics such as growth and profit, and how they can be impacted by discrepancies between departments.

He draws a parallel between mind (which would be equivalent to the company) and body (described as company areas in the text); and also points out problems observed along his career in corporate procurement.

According to him, some companies insist on maintaining their procurement structure with an outdated configuration for today’s real world – that is, a mere operational structure and therefore poorly efficient. “The procurement areas are focused only on getting orders out of the way, generating purchase regulations, doing small negotiations or having one or two metrics to satisfy the bosses”, he said, referring to the importance of a more strategic view for the sector.

For Mr. Moreno, company purchases mean more than getting the best price. You must – as he explains – understand company’s goals and needs, in order to find the best procurement solution.

For him, buying is the same as “working strategically, representing your company to the supplier market, doing partnerships and alliances with the best ones, questioning everything and everyone, serving your internal customers to get nothing more, nothing less than the best for the company, within all possibilities”.

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