In the most recent post on this subject, we could know what it is and what are the benefits of hiring a SaaS plataform. And to continue with the subject, we will address now the main points that companies must take into account when choosing this kind of service.


As the data that make the SaaS platform work will be stored by providers on servers or in the cloud, you must have a lot of confidence on them. Do some reasearch, in order to know the companies in depth; then evaluate their technical knowledge to keep the stored data secure. Choose companies that have good recommendations, and an excellent history of data management and maintenance.


The tool and its features must be available 24 hours a day. Although the tool is intensely used during business hours, by employees, check if the company has teams working in other units and at different times.


A technical issue that takes time to be troubleshooted, or a support that has a slow service provision can cause many damages to the company, and severely disrupt the rhythm of business. Choose service providers who offer an agile SaaS platform support, available at all times.


Your company’s confidential information is extremely important to your business. Even if this information has to travel between the teams and the board, it can cause a major operation problem if it leaks or is stolen. Therefore, it isn’t smart to trust the most common channels used by employees to communicate with any service provider. Evaluate what features each provider can offer to help with information security, and thus keep business integrity within the SaaS platform.


Look for a platform that allows an easy integration with all the programs that are important to your business. Integration between platforms optimizes the work and increases team performance up to 25%, according to McKinsey consultancy firm.