The world has undergone a fast development. The technologies created in the last 5 years are already outdated or are being now used to support new technologies. These constant advances require an ongoing progress from the market.

It isn’t surprisingly at all that several sectors had to learn again how to work. This includes particularly those jobs that require relationship to assure a successful work.

This is the case of salespersons. The profile of sales professionals has been adapted over the years and according to the needs of their customers.

Consumers are now more demanding, and require more immediate answers. Additionally, they have developed new behavior patterns and different consumption habits over time.

In this post, we will address the sales force of the past and the sales force of the future – where the latter, we believe, is ideal to leverage your business.


Sales force of the past vs. Sales force of the future

And now comes the inevitable question: at what level your team is?

Do you think that they still have some flaws from old salespersons or are well adapted already to this new reality?

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