User experience is the core of any business. Increasingly focused on facilitating and streamlining customer contact with the brand, we implemented a chatbot service at ME, in partnership with Zenvia. We strive on optimizing the service and increasing user satisfaction level with the platform, now composed by more than 1 million suppliers and 8 thousand buyers.

“We had an accelerated business growth in recent months – currently, we have an average of 15 thousand calls every month. We already offer support to users through telephone, e-mail and chat, but automating some calls with chatbots will allow us to gain scale, with quality, and in a fully structured way”, said Alexandre Moreno, Service Director at Mercado Eletrônico. “Improving user experience is our main focus; with the chatbots, we will accelerate service to routine issues”.

About 60% of Mercado Eletrônico calls occur by telephone, but 30% are made through the chat already. Implementing chatbots will allow us to operate on a 24×7 mode, and clear 74% of doubts and interactions within two minutes. “To optimize user experience, we must be available to the customer at any time he needs it. The chatbot service will allow us to do this”, stresses Mr. Moreno.

Studies conducted by Zenvia, with support of Opinion Box, indicate that for 60% of consumers, chatbots offer more agility and ease of service. “In addition to optimizing service provision for the company, well-structured projects of this kind improve customer experience as well. Today, 87% of users are rating their chatbots experiences as good or great. Mercado Eletrônico already has a high level of customer satisfaction, around 92%, but we will further improve this rate with the new project”, explains Adriano Freire, Head of Operations at Zenvia.

ME Lab

Another recent initiative of Mercado Eletrônico to improve the experience of its users was to promote the ME Lab. The meeting gathered 20 users of the platform, in order to discuss improvements and suggestions for the offer of company’s products. In fact, listening to the users is the best way to make solutions evolve according to customer needs. Co-creation brings a number of benefits to users, in addition to improved supply, and innovation opportunities for Mercado Eletrônico.

Customer Success

Still concerned in assuring the success of customers in the use of our technological solutions, we from Mercado Eletrônico adopted Customer Success both to offer a new experience to users of our tools, and to be aligned with customers’ goals. The success of customers is the victory of the company, says Diogo Morgado, Post-Sale Manager at Mercado Eletrônico.

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