The job market in the Information Technology area has been promising for some time now. In 2018, IDC estimated 250,000 available positions for IT professionals in Brazil; that area moved US$ 38 billion in 2017. Still according to that consultancy firm, the number of available positions is expected to triple by 2020.

Concurrently to the growth in the number of opportunities in the sector – which involves market demand and the creation of new jobs – companies started to focus on initiatives capable of involving and positively impacting employee productivity.

In a recent Deloitte study, the priority given by companies to employee training and skills really stands out. The support to employee education and training initiatives, for instance, appears in the third place (49%) of executives’ investment intentions during 2019.


Welfare is a priority for Mercadoe

Vagas de TI e Comercial para trabalhar no ME


The concern to qualify and preserve the well-being of employees is one of the pillars that move Mercadoe; it impacts all the actions carried out internally with our 200 employees. We invest in capability constantly, with several initiatives, ranging from application development for internal use (in order to evaluate employee performance) to environment optimization (in order to engage the employees and keep the staff motivated).

According to Adriana Oliveira, Mercadoe Human Resources Director, focusing on employee development has always been part of the company’s values. These activities represent benefits for all professionals, who transform the workplace environment and, consequently, optimize the company’s results. “We prioritize the ‘People First’ value, which determines all actions taken internally. We understand that having a transparent communication with our employees can help us to create new strategies. In addition to the internal satisfaction survey, we measure the performance of these actions periodically, and have good results already”, she added.


ME’s ‘Desenvolvo Program’ empowers professionals

Logo do projeto Me Desenvolvo


One of these actions is ME’s Desenvolvo Program, an initiative that invests in training, with varied themes, in order to empower professionals and share experiences. In the second half of the year, the company provided 31 training courses in that program (led by internal and external professionals) and three meetups. According to a survey conducted with the participants, the level of satisfaction with covered topics exceeded grade nine, and the workplace atmosphere survey increased from 45% in 2017 to 77% in 2018.

For Ms. Oliveira, the expectation for 2019 is to go on with ME’s Desenvolvo Program and with investments in empowerment and internal training. “We have chosen themes that were highlights during 2018 for the company’s business. We talked about Innovation in the Purchasing Area, Sales Machine, Design Thinking and Management System, among others. This year, we will continue to track and bring new key themes to our employees”, she concluded.



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